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May Task Boxes | Morning Tubs

These hands-on and engaging activities will help kindergarteners build on current skills, work on cooperation, and bring tons of fun into your centers/stations. The best part about using task boxes is watching my students work together to complete the activities. These are some of my favorite activities from my May Task Box Activities.
My students begin learning about measurement around this time of year. With this cute and colorful activity, the students will measure how long insects by counting the boxes underneath. Students will then write their answer onto the cards. Students are working on their current skill (measuring) will also reviewing counting and writing numbers.
Here is another one of my favorite activities from the May Task Box Activities. Students work together using manipulatives to solve the subtraction problems. I've purchased some mini seashell erasers that my students will use as manipulative to go along with the 'beach theme'.

Here is an ELA activity that I've created for my students who are currently working on digraphs. My students LOVE using the colorful BINGO chips as a manipulative, but you can also use blocks, mini erasers, etc. Students pick one pineapple card. Then, they pick a card with a picture on it. They will then match the word on the pineapple card that matches the picture on the card they pulled. Students continue until they've covered all of the words on the card.

With the SCIENCE OF READING, I'm learning more and more about the importance of decodable readers. Therefore, I've added more decodable sentences into the May Task Card Activities. This time I've included some long vowel words and digraphs. I place these on binder rings, and my students work with a partner reading the sentences. I love this activity, because my students really work together to help each other out if they ever get stuck on a word.

These are just a FEW of the activities that are included in my May Task Box Activities. Below is the complete list included activities.

CVCe Word Match
Digraph Word Match
Digraph Word Find
Decodable Sentences
Spring Measuring
Ten Frame Subtraction
Summer Subtraction

The best part about using these task box activities is that they are low-prep and easy to set up. I just add print, laminate, cut and go! My students use them in them in the morning (Morning Taks Boxes) where they can choose to do either reading or math boxes, and they also use them as center/stations. The activities are so engaging that most times my students prefer to work on task boxes over working on their chromebooks!
I hope that this post has given you some thought about using task boxes in your classroom. They have definitely been a life saver for me in my classroom. You can find the May Task Box Activities here.
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