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I don't know about you, but I've noticed over the past few years that students have become more anxious and less focused in the classroom. So, this year I decided this year to help fix this by creating a more calming and warm classroom. I used string lights, floor/ table lamps with warm-toned bulbs to create a gentle and cozy glow to help promote relaxation and create a more peaceful environment.

Next year, I plan to update my room with the Boho Décor that I am creating to add to our relaxing and calm environment.
I also plan to add a cozy calming area where students can find comfort and focus. I will arrange floor cushions, stress balls, textured objects in a designated corner. This will provides a cozy retreat for students to relax, read, or engage in quiet play. Look for the calming activates to come soon!

My goal is to create a space that promotes tranquility and inspires a sense of calmness for both my students and myself.

Don't forget to check out my Boho Classroom Décor and my Boho Sound Wall!

This GROWING bundle will include:

2 Different Alphabet Letter Posters for Word Wall (complete)
Numbers Poster
Hand Signal Posters
EDITABLE Book Labels (complete)
Affirmation Station
Google Classroom Teaching Templates
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June Task Cards | Morning Tubs

Grab these low prep task cards to add to your Morning Tubs or Centers. These June Task Cards are highly engaging for your early finisher activities, math and literacy centers, and/or morning tubs.
Simply print, laminate, cut, and add your manipulatives. Students can simply grab and go to complete the activities with a partner or individually.

Grab the June Task Cards here!
Save when you purchase the BUNDLE!

Summer CVC Spelling
Digraph Match
CVCe Spin Activity
Seashell Subtraction
Starfish Ten Frame Subtraction

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Digital Rainbow Day | Theme Day Activities

What do you do when it rains the night before your Fun Day (Field Day)??? Monitor and adjust with a fun and engaging digital theme day activity!

Since we could not have our Fun Day today, I decided to do Rainbow Day instead! I simply uploaded the slides into Seesaw and assigned it to the class!

What we did...

We began the day by writing a sentence to tell what we already know about rainbows. Then, I had the student watch a short video about rainbows and write 2 facts that they learned.
We then listened to Raindrop to Rainbows by John Mickols, Jr. (linked into their Seesaw). Once they finished listening to the story, they drew pictures of the character and setting.
Once we finished this, we took a break from the screen and made rainbow hats!
I had them glue the strips on the inside, and I stapled it to the band.
After indoor recess, and lunch, we watched a video to learn how to draw a rainbow.
We then did the Walking Rainbow Experiment. You will just need cups, food coloring, and a paper towel. The video is linked in Google Slides.
We ended the day with a Rainbow Snack. We used pretzels, mini marshmallows, M&Ms, raisins, Chex, and roasted peanuts (check for allergies).
There are a few more additional slides that you can use. We just didn't have time to finish them all. I hope that you and your students enjoy Rainbow Day as much as we did!
- Winter

Don't forget to check out my End of the Year Theme Bundle!

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